Rooted Truffles started as a dream between two people and has become a reality through the diligent hands of many family members and friends. 


Our Beginning

Our vision, conceived in Provence, France, has grown into a 5-acre orchard yielding these culinary delights. Our Burgundy Truffles, Tuber uncinatum, are cultivated in the rich glacial till of The Finger Lakes Region of New York State. 


“This land richly prepared for
generations fosters plentiful healthy roots to host these aromatic and tasty treasures.”

— stephanie williams, FOUNDER


The unique cycle of the seasons; insulating snow pack, abundant spring rains, gentle summer & vibrant fall, all add to the forming of our palette pleasing burgundy truffles. Coupled with the seasons, these truffles are grown in soil shared by nature’s abundance; apples, raspberries, lavender and maples flourish on our farm. All these factors add to the nose of our Rooted Truffles and set them apart in the marketplace.


Our Promise

As fall begins to fade our orchard goes dormant and the truffles begin to ripen. These Burgundy Black Fall Truffles afford a more intense and pleasing aroma. Though traditionally hunted by pigs, Rooted Truffles are scented out by well-trained dogs and then harvested lovingly by hand. This care and keeping allows us to provide the freshest truffles available. Each one is a treasure authentic to this great land! Rooted Truffles ship immediately upon harvest, thus allowing the freshest and fullest culinary experience.